Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This New year

May onions be available for Rs.8 a kilo and not 80.

May I stop snapping at my mother and stop feeling guilty about it later. May I be present to my love for her when I speak to her.

May holidays this year not fall on weekends but close to them.

May my children stop looking at me as some vending machine which pours forth, food, love and advice.

May newspapers carry happy news in their headlines and reserve bad news for inner pages.

May the saying “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride” be put to rest forever.

May the word “no” be three shades less offensive.

May wedding expenses be equally split between groom and bride.

May I shed atleast 3 kilos in the next 12 months.

May corporate setups change their HR policies, which make employee-exit at 8 pm compulsory.

May I continue to sleep at 9 pm and wake at 4 or 5 am and may I have the will and ruthlessness to severe friendships with those who send me obscene PJs, chain smses and silly forwards after 9 pm just to startle me out of my sleep.

May I have the enthusiasm and dedication to write atleast 200 words everyday for my third novel. 200 words is pittance, yet better than nothing.

May tapwater become potable.

May I get rid of my addiction for Tiger balm, which I apply generously at all times of day despite the fact that my skin turns black and sore under its heat.

May there be regular rains in Chennai without the regular mess that follows.

May people who are doing night duty at call centres get good sleep during day time.

May all the right handed be left handed for a day and vice versa.

May we occasionally smile at strangers.

May I be aware that I am loved, I am blessed and above all I am in the midst of good people. May I draw on these resources and find contentment.

May the TV channels put an end to reality shows and talent shows particularly involving children.

May I practice music atleast for 30 minutes with such ardour that neighbours will come banging and screaming begging me to stop.

May my readers continue to patronize me.

May I go on that long walk, a walk that will last for days together. May I take that long walk alone, preferably to some mountain (preferably Arunachalam) and come back with stories, sayings and solace.

May we surprise a beggar with a tenner once in a while.

May we play with our children for one entire hour without being distracted.

May I keep all the relationships which came to me this year and may I nurture them like my Tulsi plant.

May I come across more books like Garcia Marquez’s “Love in the time of cholera” and Stella Kramrisch’s “Presence of Siva”.

May we honk less on the roads and may we not say “women driver” like a swear word.

May my sense of humour graduate into sense of ridiculousness.

May eggless cakes me less expensive than regular cakes.

May my hair grow dark and thick so I may have more hair to cut off.

May BSNL, DD and AIR earn more faith and patronage from its customers this year.

May my children call me “Amma” and not by my name.

May my car forgive me for not taking it for the yearly service this year also.

May the child in me be healed, happy and honest.

May we forgive our spouses who might have forgotten our birthday, anniversary or just the fact that we are their spouse.

May we all understand that Happiness is a state of mind, which is as cultivable as patience, contentment and humour.


  1. And may we all find reasons to smile, laugh and be happy.
    A very happy new year to you! Keep writing, your column makes me do all the things mentioned above. :)

  2. May my words have the magic to keep readers glued :) happy 2011

  3. Happy newyear! :)

    btw..loved dis one better than d one u wrote abt 2010 ! :D

  4. It is really good and it is unique !