Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2-3

Ama or Amam is the flo(a)tsam and jetsam of the body. Undigested material and toxins which float around the body have to be coaxed to descend into the alimentary tract from where they can be eliminated. Ama Pachanam literally means “cooking of Amam”. The Shaddaranam which I wrote about earlier does the cooking and (near) elimination of the Amam. Those which do not get evacuated during the Ama Pachanam will be expelled during Vasti (enema) process.
I was on a strict fat-free diet. I was not permitted to take milk/curd (tell a South Indian to not take curds)/butter/any diary product, oil or vegetable other than snake gourd. My diet consisted of plain idlis for breakfast (no chutney or milagapodi), rice and ungarnished plain dal for lunch and phulka and un-garnished watery dal for dinner for seven days before getting admitted. Even the food was bearable but the lack of coffee tried me to the hilt. This treatment, I decided is a test for both- my physical and mental endurance.
If you thought maintaining a bland diet is easy, I challenge you to try it. By the third day you will be flying off your handle. I was continuously hungry and irritable. Food turned to dust in my mouth. Every little pile of work seemed mountainous to me. I was simply losing it. But in my mother’s words I was being perfectly myself even during the bland-diet days.


  1. Hi Madam,
    I am Sumanth from Hyderabad ,I first read your blog in Indian Express on a fine sunday morning .I found something interesting in your blog .I feel happy to read you r blog.I will surely follow your blogs.Great writing skills and you have created interest on PanchaKarma
    Thank you

  2. hi ma'am
    i am a regular follower of loony life n hav a great fascination for your writing.i've always felt it quite interesting n i look forward to reading ur blogs.

  3. Hi Sumanth and PT,
    Thank you so much for your warm words. Do continue to read my blog and leave your feedback. JM

  4. hi, i love your column, which i read every sunday morning. hope to read some novels too once i'm rid of my metal chains. ( i'm doing my post MD bond in medical college tvm...will be duly released this aug3)So...till then bi, Priya

  5. Am I supposed to mention coffee now? ;)
    Hoppping on to day 4-5....